DNA Green Group Will Acquire Rijnplant

DNA Green Group Will Acquire Rijnplant

DNA Green Group and Rijnplant have finalized DNA Green Group’s acquisition of Rijnplant. The breeding and propagation activities in pot and cut anthurium, bougainvillea and heliconia will transfer to the DNA Green Group.

Rijnplant, led by multiple generations of the entrepreneurial Van Rijn family, has a long and rich history.


“Rijnplant has successfully expanded its activities internationally, especially in growth markets like Asia and America,” says Aad van der Lem, managing director. “Last year, the company was showing strong signs of recovery. During the finalization of the deal, we have been able to take a look behind the scenes at the DNA Green Group. I am confident that the combination of these two companies offers growth potential and innovative strength worldwide.”

“Now that the closing of the deal has been finalized, we will start integrating the breeding and propagation activities immediately,” says Biense Visser, CEO of DNA Green Group. “We are focusing on realizing synergies in terms of technology, production and sales. Over time, we will be looking for a different solution for the production of flowering plants, for the location, as well as the people. We miss the strategic fit with our core activities.”

DNA Green Group is one of the leading companies in breeding and development of cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants and perennials. DNA Green Group was the result of the merger between Dümmen Group and Agribio Group in 2013. Rijnplant Breeding is headquartered in De Lier, the Netherlands. It specializes in breeding, propagation and growing young plants of anthurium, bougainvillea and heliconia varieties.

Visit DNA Green Group’s website or Rijnplant’s website for more information.