New McGregor Site Focuses On Customer Convenience

New McGregor Site Focuses On Customer Convenience

McGregor Plant Sales has launched a new website designed around customer convenience and streamlined online ordering.

“Along with a fresh new look, we’ve added more of the convenient ordering features our customers expect,” says Cathy McClintock, McGregor Plant Sales CEO. “This enhanced, more user-friendly functionality gives customers easier access to our full range of annuals, perennials, PAC geraniums and other products.”


Among the new features are a handy week selector that lets customers order from any weeks, new search and filter criteria to quickly find plants, and detailed product info and pictures for all of McGregor’s standard programs.

In addition, McGregor has streamlined some of the site’s most popular features, providing one-page checkout with default ship to and bill to addresses; quick refresh pages; seamless transition from search to rapid order; and customizable search results formatting to view pictures, prices, cultural info and more.

“This is just the beginning,” McClintock says. “Watch for continuing improvements over the next year – and online ordering for more programs and products.”