5 Tech Tips For Post-Production Plant Quality

5 Tech Tips For Post-Production Plant Quality

Jamie Gibson

1 Choose The Right Varieties


Properly selected varieties grown in similar greenhouse environments limit the need to adjust cultural conditions and will reduce the risk of leggy plants, disease, insect pressure and irregular flowering.

2 Grow In The Right Conditions

Reducing light levels to 250 to 700 foot-candles can lower air temperature and water usage. Reducing temperatures by 5 to 8°F slows growth and flowering, enhances tissue color and brightens petals. Additionally, proper ventilation and space prevent disease and air-pollutants.

3 Listen To Experts

Adhere to production guidelines from breeders, trial managers and technical service experts for each variety. It’s also important to apply plant growth retardants during production for stronger, greener and more compact plants, and reduced post-production water demand.

4 Manage Water Closely

Reduced watering prevents internode elongation, undesirable stretch and root rots. Another good reminder is to select a rooting substrate with sufficient water-holding capacity and proper drying time for optimal growth.

5 Value Your Growing Media

A properly constructed growing medium can optimize the air-water relationship, supply the proper pH and enhance post-harvest performance. Growing media containing a controlled-release fertilizer or supplying the required amount of nutrition through soluble salts monitoring will improve sell-through at retail.