Ecke Ranch Alleviating Marketing Stresses By Doing Work For You

Paul Ecke Ranch has partnered with between 12 and 15 packaging suppliers to help growers create seasonal programs.

There’s no doubting Paul Ecke Ranch is a breeder and grower first above all things. But a changing floriculture industry means a changing business model for the longtime poinsettia and geranium breeder.


So in addition to introducing about 30 new varieties Friday as a prelude to the California Spring Trials, Ecke Ranch showed off its new Design Center that was created to help growers put seasonal plant programs together.

“Some growers are still in the mindset of grow the plant and push out the door,” says CherylAnn Crysler, an Ecke Ranch marketing specialist. “Having to figure out how to package plants for the retailer is a big task.”

To ease its grower customers’ troubles, Ecke Ranch has partnered with about a dozen packaging suppliers across the globe to build custom programs for particular seasons. Novelty Manufacturing, Scheurich and Wald Imports are among the packaging suppliers Ecke is teaming with. In a sense, Ecke is “brokering” packaging solutions for growers.

“We believe it’s not just about the genetics and the plants,” Crysler says. “There’s more to it. We want to give [growers] as much added value as possible. So we spent the last few years figuring out who were the best vendors in the market and teaming with them to create customized packaging options.”

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