HRI Awards Scholarships

HRI Awards Scholarships

The Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), the research arm of ANLA, granted $200,000 to nine research projects and five student scholarships throughout the U.S. for 2009. Key considerations used by the HRI Executive Committee in determining funding levels and research grants were: the economic conditions impacting HRI’s investment income, the green industry economic outlook and the general quality of the research proposals. The selected research projects show collaborative efforts between researchers and research institutions, along with a focus on priority issues for the green industry.

HRI Grants and Scholarships for 2009 include:
Research funding is subject to institutional and researcher contractual agreements with HRI.


$50,000— Development of Alternative Container Substrates a Block Grant
Research projects incorporated with the block grant include:
* Effect of Alternative Substrate Age on Woody Ornamental Plant Production
* On-Site Demonstration of Alternative Substrates at Nurseries Across the Southeast U.S.
* Effect of Alternative Substrates on Production of Plants in Large Containers
* Effect of Fertilizer Rate in Alternative Substrates for Container-Grown Plants
Auburn University, AL, and Kansas State University
(Drs. Charles H. Gilliam, Jeff L. Sibley, Glenn Fain, and Cheryl Boyer)

$30,000—Development of New Landscape Plants for all Regions of North America
Landscape Plant Development Center, MN, Washington State University, and North Dakota State University
(Drs. Harold Pellett, Rita L. Hummel, and David Dai)

$17, 500—Reducing Pesticide Consumption Through Targeted Application in Nurseries
The Ohio State University, OH
(Dr. Erdal Ozkan)

$20,000—Your Trees on Crack–The Role of Glyphosate in Nursery/ Landscape Bark Cracking
The Ohio State University, USDA-ARS, OR, and Purdue University, IN
(Drs. Hannah Mathers, Carolyn Scagel, Janna L. Beckerman, Michael V. Mickelbart)

$20,000—Structural Changes in the U.S. Nursery Industry: An Assessment of Production and Marketing Trends
University of Florida IFAS and Texas A&M University
(Drs. John J. Haydu, Alan Hodges, Charles R. Hall, and Marco Palma)

$25,000—A Systematic Approach to Solve Nursery and Landscape Water Management: Initial Industry Application
Colorado State University
(Dr. William L. Bauerle)

$20,000—Biodegradable Plant Container Business Plan
(HRI representatives to be determined)

$6,000—Influence of Nitrogen Application Rate on the Development of Powdery Mildew and Leaf Spot Diseases and Growth of Crapemyrtle, Hydrangea, and Rose
Auburn University, AL
(Drs. Kira Bowen and Austin Hagan)

$5,000—Sustainable Sites Initiative
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, TX
(Dr. Steve Windhager)

HRI Student Scholarships
$1,750—Timothy Bigelow and Palmer W. Bigelow, Jr. Scholarship
$2,000—Carville M. Akehurst Memorial Scholarship
$1,250—Spring Meadow Nursery Scholarship
$750—The Usrey Family Scholarship
$750—The Muggets Scholarship