Looking For A Hort Job?

Looking For A Hort Job?

Think you’ve got a solid resume down that’s going to reel in your first–or next–prospective employer? Well, think again.

Michigan State University Professor Bridget Behe shared useful tips for career building in her Sunday morning OFA Short Course Session, “Building Your Career From Your Couch.” In the session, Behe shared several tips. Including:


– Rewrite your resume on your birthday each year. Says Behe: “On your birthday, take your resume out and reflect on what major accomplishments you’ve achieved in the last year. Do you like where you are? You may realize you do not.”

– Keep the big picture in mind. “Think five years out,” she says. “Where do you see yourself? Also, think about what you would like to accomplish. If, for example, you want to be a grower in Western Michigan, find five people doing that and find out what they did to get where they wanted to go.”

– Develop an elevator speech. What’s an elevator speech, you ask? Well, it’s a two- to three- minute speech describing you. “In two to three minutes, be able to describe your career path. It’s your opportunity to give a commercial of yourself.”

– Network, don’t hunt. At a trade show like an OFA Short Course, for example, Behe advises college students to introduce themselves to 10 people. Do the same thing the next year. And when it’s time for you to find that first job, you’ve hopefully build a network in which the job comes to find you.