MPS Increasing Its Presence In U.S.

MPS Increasing Its Presence In U.S.

MPS recently named regional coordinators for both the East and West Coasts of the United States, a signal the company plans to get more involved with U.S. greenhouse growers in their pursuit for environmental certification.

The two new regional coordinators are Sandy Hering (East Coast) and Charlotte Smit (West Coast).


Hering, who is based in Massachusetts, is responsible for client acquisition, on-site support to participants and answering questions about MPS. Growers who are interested in achieving certification according to MPS ABC, the environmental scorecard, can contact her at 508-758-3008 or [email protected].

Smit, who is based in California, will assist Arthij van der Veer, general international coordinator, and Herring to coordinate the growing activities of the MPS in the U.S. and Canada. Smit can be reached at 805-212-6026 or [email protected].

about MPS environmental certification in our October 2009 interview with Doug Cole of D.S. Cole Growers, who has been working closely with the Dutch to bring MPS certification ot the U.S. D.S. Cole Growers became the first U.S. greenhouse operation to earn MPS certification last year.

You can also visit MPS online at for more information.