Ones To Watch: Matt Mart

Ones To Watch: Matt Mart

Ones To Watch: Matt Mart

As part of Greenhouse Grower’s 25th anniversary, we’ve been profiling people we expect to shape the industry for the better over the next 25 years. Now in its 25th and final week online, our Ones To Watch series concludes with Matt Mart of Amerinova


Age – 37

His Job – Matt is executive director at Amerinova, a EuroAmerican plant licensing company that helps market varieties.

Fresh Thinking – A huge part of EuroAmerican’s business philosophy is new product development. Matt says to keep an eye on the succulent market and low water-use plants. “Invest in new products and programs,” he says. “Learn from the ‘old,’ but don’t hang on to it. Accept that we in horticulture are like any other business with its pluses and minuses.”

Twenty-Five Years From Now – The industry will be consolidated globally. “As wealth shifts, so will markets,” Matt says. “New products will continue to drive business.” Also, he believes small and large growers will have the best chances to thrive. “The ones stuck in the middle will have a rough ride.”

Why He’s One To Watch – Matt has worked in horticulture for six months or more in five different countries, and he’s been involved in the industry since 1992. He gives Amerinova and EuroAmerican a global take on marketing with his belief that companies will have to think more globally in the future.