Hoffman Nursery Earns Several Kudos at Perennial Plant Symposium

Hoffman Nursery Earns Several Kudos at Perennial Plant Symposium

Hoffman Nursery FamilyThe Perennial Plant Association (PPA) announced its 2018 Special Awards on July 31, 2018, during its annual Perennial Plant Symposium. At this year’s host site in Raleigh, NC, the organization recognized multiple award recipients, including Hoffman Nursery co-owners John and Jill Hoffman and their son, David Hoffman.

John Hoffman, a long-time PPA member and past President, received the Award of Merit, which recognizes an individual who has significantly contributed to the herbaceous perennial plant industry in growing, marketing, contracting, writing, teaching, extension, research, landscaping, hybridizing, promotion, or innovation. John’s focus on growing ornamental grasses and his affinity for collaboration have provided many opportunities to promote the perennial plant industry.


“I’ve built lifelong friendships in PPA,” Hoffman said. “Coming to the national symposium every year and belonging to this organization are incredibly important to me.”

John’s son David grew up in the perennial plant industry and joined his parents in the family business. He was honored with PPA’s Young Professional Award, given to a PPA member to recognize and encourage participation, achievement, and growth of a talented and diligent newcomer in the industry. Individuals are selected based on their involvement in the PPA, contribution to the success of their company, and their portrayal of a positive image of the perennial plant industry to the public.

After graduating from North Carolina State University with a degree in Horticultural Science, David spent two years working at perennial plant nurseries in Europe. He returned to Hoffman Nursery in 2015 and now serves as Chief Customer Experience Officer. David continues to strengthen his ties to the perennial plant industry. He’s been attending PPA symposia for several years and recently served on the site committee for the 2018 national symposium.

John Hoffman was doubly honored when he and wife Jill Hoffman received the PPA Grower Award. This award recognizes a PPA member who holds high standards of production, maintains high-quality plants, and provides motivation, while respecting the requirements of the perennial industry. The nursery has been growing grasses and grass-like plants for 32 years. With a core purpose of promoting better living through plants, they’ve continually expanded and improved their growing, production, and marketing programs. The connections they’ve made through PPA have been integral to their success, and the Hoffmans are grateful to the organization for its efforts.

For a description of the PPA’s special awards and a list of all the 2018 recipients, go to Perennialplant.org/index.php/awards/special-awards.