A Resource To Help You Grow & Sell

A Resource To Help You Grow & Sell

A Resource To Help You Grow & Sell

Ball FloraPlant’s Mix Container Ideas Gallery

Ball FloraPlant is unveiling its updated website at BallFloraPlant.com.


“Visitors will easily navigate the new Ball FloraPlant website and be wowed by its
visual impact,” says Monique Hakkert, product marketing manager for Ball FloraPlant.

Some of the special features you’ll find on the website include:

BFP TV. Find video-learning opportunities fast with a category pull-down menu.

MixMasters 2.0. All 15 combos and their components are listed online in full color. Download the MixMasters growing guide and watch video episodes the program.

Culture. Each product page offers printer-friendly culture details and complete grower facts to download, print and save.

Mixed Container Gallery. Ball FloraPlant experts have compiled dozens of combo recipes retail-ready for the seasons you’re growing and selling.

Learn more at BallFloraPlant.com.