Bonnie Plants Launches New Website

Bonnie Plants Launches New Website screen shot

The top 10 best new features of the improved Bonnie Plants website include:


 1. Easy-to-Find Info: Find the information you need with top-level navigation to the company’s most popular pages, including all vegetable and herb product pages, how-to-grow articles  and gardening-specific how-to articles.

2. A Connected Bonnie Community: Users have one-stop access to Bonnie Plant blogs, partners, newsletters, social sites and video library through the site’s Community section.

3. Social Sharing: Gardeners can share ideas and information with their friends using the social share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. New user-friendly URLs also help visitors be share-savvy.

4. New Products For 2012: New vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the Bonnie Plants offering are highlighted in the online plant catalog.

5. How-to Video Library: All Bonnie Plants videos, including gardening how-to, recipes and behind-the-scenes videos, can be found in the Videos library.

6. Easy-to-Read Nutrition Info: Now nutrition information for vegetable varieties is easier-to-read in a recognizable food label format.

7. Garden-Fresh Recipes: Find more than 100 recipes using fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden in the In the Kitchen section. Bonnie Plants continually tests and adds new recipes to this library.

8. Product Reviews: Gardeners can rate and review products in the Vegetable, Herb and Flower product catalogs.

9. Gardening FAQs: An organized frequently asked questions section helps green thumbs reach their answers on the variety pages faster.

10. Garden Variety Companions: On each variety page, visitors find an extended list of plants that can be grown together in the garden.