Building Buzz For Flower Bulbs

Building Buzz For Flower Bulbs

Flower bulbs are about to get rebranded.

Anthos, an association that represents flower bulb and nursery stock companies, has selected a brand revitalization agency to develop and execute a marketing campaign to invigorate consumer demand for flowering bulbs here in North America. Seventeen of Anthos’ members companies are participating in the campaign, and they’ve collectively pitched in $5.7 million for a three-year campaign.


“Education is important,” says Henk Westerhof, Anthos president. “Consumers know what a flower bulb is, but you have to deal with different climate zones here in the North American market. People don’t know what to do with flower bulbs.”

North America, according to Westerhof, is the largest flower bulb export market in the world, generating about $130 million in sales annually. The 17 companies participating in the campaign account for 85 percent of North American consumer sales.

Still, Anthos member companies see room for growth, particularly among Generations X and Y.

“We’re trying to inspire this next generation of women to take up this hobby,” says Peter Mitchell, the president and CEO of Woodbine, the agency developing the campaign. “We’re excited about the possibilities. There’s no reason women in their 30s and 40s shouldn’t be buying bulbs.”

The campaign, set to launch later this summer as bulb purchasing season approaches, will consist of a website, consumer advertising, digital marketing, social media, public relations and event marketing. It will also have a trade component targeted to retailers across all channels of distribution.

“We believe our campaign has the potential to do for the flower bulb industry what ‘Got Milk‘ has done for the milk industry,” Mitchell says.

Companies participating in the campaign are: W.R. Vanderschoot of VA, Inc.; Tuberbulb Export BV; Vanhof and Blokker LTD; M. Thoolen Flowerbulbs; Jac.Uittenbogaard & Sons; Gebr Langeveld BV; Netherland Bulb Company; Garden State Bulb Company; Florex BV; Stuifbergen Bloembollen Export BV; Van Zyverden Inc.; Van Bloem Gardens; CJ Ruigrok & Sons BV; ADR. Bulbs, Inc.; Van Noort Bulb Co. LTD; Kapiteyn Breezand – Holland; M&G en Holland Beauty Corp.; DeVroomen Bulb Co, Inc.; Bloomsz, LLC; Van Bourgondiens; Simple Pleasures Flowerbulbs & Perennials, Inc.; De Ree Holland BV; Bloomsz Canada, LTD; DeVroomen Europe BV; J. Onderwater Export, LTD; Veseys Seeds; Tradewinds; and Mantel Holland BV.