Consumers Embraced Burpee Garden Coach In Year One

Consumers Embraced Burpee Garden Coach In Year One

Consumers Embraced Burpee Garden Coach In Year One

The Burpee Garden Coach mobile text messaging tool provided more than 67,000 user tips to home vegetable gardeners to help make their growing season a success.


Launched this year by Burpee Home Gardens, the Burpee Garden Coach sent custom tips to gardeners based on their planting date and plant choices. Nearly 75 percent of this year’s trainees stuck with their Coach throughout their entire 90-day season of messages received on their smartphones.

The Burpee Garden Coach reached gardeners across the United States via QR codes on tags and POP in stores, or by texting zip codes to 80998. In reviewing this year’s statistics, data shows heavy concentrations of Burpee Garden Coach users in Texas, the Midwest and Northeast regions. Stats also recorded the top areas of interest from trainees, which include garden bed preparation, watering and pest control.

Roughly half of our Burpee Garden Coach users chose to populate the “My Garden” portion of the tool. This online gardening journal tracks the progress of the plants they purchased, and expanded the advice of the Garden Coach to specific topics and varieties.

“We’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen for The Burpee Garden Coach this gardening season, and we look forward to expanding our mobile connection with home gardeners next year,” says Carolyn Dixon, National Sales Manager for Burpee Home Gardens. “Providing customized consumer interaction and all the resources for a successful garden helps build confidence and ultimately repeat gardening customers.”

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