Costa Farms’ New Lookbook Offers Consumers Ideas on Best Plants for the Home

Costa Farms Exotic Angel Idea BookYour new gardener customers may need some help when it comes to trying to find the perfect houseplant. Costa Farms is trying to make its customers’ choices easier with the launch of its new lookbook, “Bring Your Home to Life.” The curated collection of more than 300 unique plant varieties suggests the ideal ones to grow in homes and offices.

As consumers become more health conscious, they’re looking for home accents that are more than just a pretty face. They want houseplants that purify the air and boost mental health.


Costa Farms’ latest lookbook provides ideas for inspiration and advice for millennial gardeners. It covers all the basics, from water-wise instructions to tips on beautifying bedrooms and bathrooms. The book also includes dozens of designs for beautiful ways to display houseplants and how to work with trendy textures and natural greenery.

“Our free ‘Bring Your Home to Life’ lookbook is an easy read that will leave gardeners feeling inspired to decorate their homes and offices with cheerful plants and variegated foliage,” says Justin Hancock, garden expert at Costa Farms. “With 5 million of those new gardeners being between the ages of 18 and 34, you can bet they’ll enjoy browsing these pages and finding the keys to success.”

As a sampling, here are the book’s top four plants to beautify bedrooms.

1. Philodendron: One of the toughest plants, philodendrons tolerate low light and inconsistent watering. Plus, these plants purify the air.

2. Rex Begonia: One of the most interesting Exotic Angel plants, Rex Begonia has colorful leaves. It likes humidity and medium light conditions.

3. Janet Craig Dracaena: Dracaenas come in different leaf sizes, shapes, and colors. The variety Janet Craig is the perfect stylish addition to bedrooms.

4. Golden Pothos: This tried-and-true favorite has been grown for years by gardeners. The trailing vines and unique variegation of pothos are a lovely accent.

Go here to find the look book.