Endless Marketing Ideas

Endless Marketing Ideas

Endless Marketing Ideas

There’s no limit to the number of fun and exciting ideas The John Henry Company is developing. From seasonal pot wraps and QR codes to new merchandising concepts for gifting and its BloomIQ.com website, the people at John Henry are certainly keeping busy but more importantly helping growers and retailers sell more plants.

Some growers will always argue good-quality plants sell themselves. Of course, that’s true in some cases, but it’s clearly becoming more important to connect more directly to that key demographic of female consumers–and fun, attractive packaging is the way to do just that.


Among some of John Henry’s packaging ideas unveiled at the California Spring Trials are pumpkin and scarecrow pot wraps for the fall season and a special Easter program that involves QR codes connecting smartphone users to short, stop-motion videos of an Easter chick hatching.

John Henry also showcased a few brand-specific packaging items, including Plant In A Jiffy carriers, Martha Stewart Living bulb carriers and a grab-and-go carrier for blueberries grown by the Berry Family of Nurseries. P. Allen Smith is featured front and center on the package.

Tags are changing, as well. John Henry introduced its new portrait tag design which features three new elements: 1) bilingual; 2) QR codes; and 3) “Perfect Partners,” which matches the featured plant with other plants that perform well with it.

Pot wraps seem to becoming more prevalent, as well.

“Every time you walk into the garden center, you should see end caps with product that has a pot wrap,” says Kristi Huffman, senior vice president of John Henry. “That really builds a premium item.”

John Henry’s BloomIQ.com is developing quickly, as well. The company first introduced the consumer-facing website at last July’s OFA Short Course. The website has made tremendous strides since. John Henry has developed a concept for retail kiosks at garden centers in which consumers can print off shopping lists for desired plants. Consumers can search for plants like, say, orchids and create print lists at home to take shopping, too.

“The number of visitors printing shopping lists has tripled,” says Brenda Vaughn, assistant marketing manager for John Henry. “And 129 countries have visited BloomIQ.com already.”

Learn more about John Henry online at www.jhc.com.