Plant Trends For 2012

Plant Trends For 2012

Purples and grays were big colors at the shows this year.

Riot Of Color


KL: The hot colors at IPM Essen 2012 were grays and slates. I also saw lots of pink undertones, metallic and pearlized colors and monochromatic blends of purple.

MH: Grays, slates, pinks, and what I call smoky purple lead nicely into an emerging palette of taupe, coral and cream. All of these colors have been spotted in the clothing world and are sure to dominate in the next couple of years.

MMG: Bright bold colors…
in containers and plants…
add instant impact to patios and porches.

Au Naturel

KL: There is a huge trend in using natural products as design accents. Elements of nature not only have the visual appeal, but they have an emotional appeal as well. Natural products evoke feelings of the outdoors.

MMG: Natural materials like bark, stones and shells are still the rage in garden interiors and exteriors.

Big Trend In Small Packages

KL: Some containers are as small as 2 inches. Minis make great impulse purchases all year round.

MH: Cute, affordable and fun. Need I say more?

MMG: Miniature plants in small containers that can fit in the palm of your hand are making big garden news. Little is big.

Birds Of A Feather

KL: Owls and chickens are the hot creatures this year. From containers, picks and tags, there were no shortage of the two. Both add a cute, whimsical touch that have a global appeal.

MH: I definitely picked up on the bird theme while walking IPM, but not until I was home going through pictures did I realize how apparent they were. From cute and fluffy to stoic and fierce, the feathered guys were everywhere.

…Or Just The Feathers

KL: Dressing up commodity plants with picks, feathers and fabrics is
popular. Plus, picks add color to become a must-have design element. Fun animal prints were just about everywhere – even on containers and wraps.

MH: It seems as if every plant is a piece of art at IPM Essen. This is a trend that trickled into the market and offers a lot of opportunity.

In With The Old

KL: You cannot go wrong with adding a touch of vintage to a container or even a plant tag. Adding a brief history or plant origin can be fun for consumers.

MH: Pastel colors, silhouettes, white wash finishes, along with wicker and tin, surround and make up this trend.