Pleasant View Launches Updated Website for its Savor Edibles and Fragrants Brand

Savor New WebsiteSpring may still be a few weeks away, but Pleasant View Gardens is already gearing up for the season. The company recently launched an updated website for its new herb and vegetable brand, Savor Edibles & Fragrants.

Introduced in early 2016, Savor is a comprehensive line of veggies and herbs that is targeted toward Millennials. Now, those who enjoy gardening can learn even more about Savor at


“With a look inspired by the same sophisticated yet earthy simplicity Millennials have come to love from the Savor brand, the new site offers a friendly and informative vehicle that delivers tons of product information in an easy-to-navigate format,” the company said in a statement about the new site. “Drop-down menus allow visitors to select from herbs and vegetables. Once a page is selected, they’re able to drill down further into specific varieties to learn plant details, like sun-to-shade preference, growing width and height, and peak zone performance. The site even features tasty and simple-to-make recipes straight from the back of Savor’s multi-functional plant tags to allow Savor fans to grow their own adventure outside their gardens.”

In addition to plant information, the site’s How-To sections provide tips for those looking to grow as well as cook with Savor Edibles & Fragrants. How to prevent transplant shock, how to grow your own cocktail hour, how to harvest basil, and how to make homemade tomato sauce are just a few of the topics shared on the site. The site is also designed to complement Savor’s social media presence on both Facebook and Instagram.

Beyond product information, the new Savor website introduces visitors to its three Millennial pals — Marina, Ben, and Emma — whose personal stories have helped shape the brand’s overall message.

“We recognize our audience’s passion for adventure in all aspects of life,” says Nathan Keil, Product and Marketing Manager at Pleasant View. “Our goal wasn’t just to launch another website, but to launch an adventure with personalities and stories that the market can relate to, and to show our retail partners and their customers how to get more from their herbs and vegetables after harvest.”

The site also gives retailers a snapshot of some of Savor’s attractive merchandising tools, from branded, plantable coir pots, cart strips and bench tape, to benchcards, trolley signs, and posters. Retailers can see the full line of products, and

Savor’s downloadable mini-catalog is available with a simple click. The new site also provides opportunities for garden centers to inquire about carrying Savor in their own stores, while offering a tip hotline for those looking for answers to their herb and vegetable questions.

Future plans for the Savor site include continuing to expand its product offering and How To sections, along with incorporating supporting images and videos.

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