Pleasant View Gardens Launches New Savor Edibles And Fragrants

Pleasant View Gardens Launches New Savor Edibles And Fragrants

Pleasant View Gardens Savor Trolley SignPleasant View Gardens has announced the launch of its Savor Edibles & Fragrants program. This new line of vegetables and herbs will be available in 2016 to garden centers that want to take advantage of a booming edibles market.

Comprised of 84 different vegetables and 58 different herbs, Savor offers a traditional variety of plants consumers are comfortable with and can easily grow.


“We want people to come back to Savor year after year because they’ve been so successful in their gardening adventure,” says Pleasant View Gardens Marketing Manager, Nathan Keil. “Our tagline, ‘Grow your own adventure,’ speaks directly to that point, as we look to redefine the edible growing experience.”

Beyond a fresh line of edibles and fragrants, Keil says Savor represents a bold new strategic direction for Pleasant View Gardens. Instead of taking the traditional path of wooing tried-and-true master gardeners, he says Savor sets itself apart with a primary appeal to Millennials, a group that represents the largest generation in the U.S. and more than one-third of the nation’s total population. This focus has driven both Pleasant View’s product mix and its approach to marketing Savor.

“Our studies indicate that Millennials are deeply connected with gardening. And we have the responsibility to help garden centers attract them and satisfy their passion for gardening,” Keil says.

The ultimate goal of Savor is to help Millennials broaden their gardening adventure to include cooking, canning, decorating and even saving the planet.

“Gardening has truly enveloped Millennials’ lives, which is why we’re looking to nurture that attitude not only with our products, but the way in which we engage and interact with them,” Keil says.

The pursuit of Millennials is something Savor also shares with garden centers nationwide, as both are looking to form a stronger bond with this meaningful group. For example, the National Gardening Association reports the rate of gardening among Millennials has risen 63 percent in just the past five years, with one in three U.S. households now having a food garden.

For more information on Savor, call 603-435-8361 or visit Savor on Facebook.