What’s New With Just Add Ice?

What’s New With Just Add Ice?

Just Add Ice

Green Circle Growers produced a consumer report this month based on data it collected from surveying Just Add Ice orchid consumers. Among the highlights:


• Eighty-six percent of Just Add Ice orchid consumers are female. Forty-two percent of consumers are between the ages of 50 and 65, while another 26 percent are 66 and older. A very small percentage (4 percent) is between the ages of 18 and 25, although Green Circle reports it has seen a 21 percent increase in orchid buyers between the ages of 18 and 49 in the last year.

• Nearly half (42 percent) of all Just Add Ice orchid consumers don’t have a particular color in mind for their next purchase. Thirteen percent say they would purchase a bicolored variety next; 11 percent would go with purple; 9 percent would choose salmon; and 8 percent would choose yellow. White (6 percent), pink (6 percent) and patterned orchids (5 percent) were the least chosen color options.

• About one in three (34 percent) Just Add Ice orchid consumers say they prefer traditional pot designs for their orchids; 21 percent want modern/contemporary pots while 18 percent prefer earthy/organic styles. Other pot styles consumers are interested in are country (10 percent), antiques (8 percent), Victorian (5 percent), funky (2 percent) and Bohemian (2 percent).

• Green Circle also asked Just Add Ice consumers how they choose their orchid pot color. Fifty percent say they choose based on their current home décor while 3 percent indicate they buy around the season and/or holidays. Forty-seven percent make buying purchases based on both their home décor and the season/holidays.

• Another topic of Green Circle’s research was gifting. The Top 100 Grower learned there’s no clear cut occasion for purchasing orchids. Birthdays (27 percent) are a big reason consumers purchase orchids, but a chunk (23 percent) buy Just Add Ice as an everyday gift. Holidays (17 percent) are another key reason why consumers buy.

• Perhaps more importantly, 41 percent of Just Add Ice buyers say they received orchids as a gift. The other 59 percent purchased orchids for themselves.

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