Redesigned SunPatiens Website Offers New Tools For Sakata Seed America Customers

'SunPatiens Compact Royal Magenta' from Sakata Seed

‘SunPatiens Compact Royal Magenta’ from Sakata Seed

Sakata Seed America launched an upgraded, completely redesigned SunPatiens website on March 1 that offers information on how to grow SunPatiens, where to grow them and how to find them. The new website is the latest in Sakata’s larger marketing push to promote SunPatiens along with the SunPatiens Facebook page and SunPatiens Pinterest page. It offers a wealth of information on everything there is to know about SunPatiens for Sakata’s customers and also provides marketing support for growers, distributors and retailers.


“We want to help consumers understand all of the benefits of SunPatiens compared to traditional New Guinea impatiens and inspire them to use SunPatiens wherever and however possible. SunPatiens are vibrant and versatile, and we want to spread the word,” says Alecia Troy, Sakata’s Senior Marketing Manager.

The revamped website includes an in-depth at the growth habits of SunPatiens — compact, vigorous and spreading — and a “Do-It-Yourself” section that spotlights projects intended to inspire. A photo gallery features colorful, ready-to-use images for sharing on social media. And a “Find SunPatiens” feature allows site users to see who carries them.

Even though the new site is geared toward the consumer, growers, distributors and retailers interested in SunPatiens can click the ‘Trade’ button on the new site, or visit for pertinent information such as POS materials, culture guides and where to buy SunPatiens.

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