7 Garden Retailers Announced Closings This Month

7 Garden Retailers Announced Closings This Month

Store ClosingSeveral established garden stores announced they were closing at the end of the 2016 season. Most of these retailers are decades old, including one that is closing after 133 years in business.

The reasons for closing vary. Some have owners who are ready to retire and do not have a next generation to take over. For others, it’s a financial decision.


Here’s a list of stores announcing their closing:

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That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to all that will stay in business. It is tough in our industry, this is for sure. Our company has diversified and created several income streams. I don’t know how any nursery is still around trying to do things the old fashioned way. Margins are too slim and expenditure levels are through the roof.

Bee Kocher says:

How have you diversified?

After more than 35 years in business, my garden center Brennan’s Plants in Athens, Ohio, will close.

Kathy Wheaton says:

and there are many many more ‘hanging’ up their shovels that you never know about. It is a drop in the bucket, Brooks, unfortunately if you counted all the drops instead of the 7 mentioned it would be unnerving how much of the bucket would have water in it. And sometimes it is the right thing to do, sometimes its the only option left, sometimes we need to try one more time. I know, from first hand experience. I am glad I didn’t choose to close, but I sure do understand it.

paul nessralla says:

I am sorry to hear that. It does not get any easier. Good luck. May God help you in the future.

Al says:

Varnau’s closed because the land was becoming more valuable than the business itself. Has nothing to do with being old fashion, Brooks.

greg says:

people do need to change their approach to business. so many times I am disappointed when shopping in a garden center. try to buy a tropical plant as a gift – in most cases you also have to buy a nice container and a bag of soil and repot the plan before you can gift it. No wonder people tend to simply buy a piece of electronics etc that is ready to give.

I spend much money in garden centers and I enjoy messing with the dirt, most people do not.

Lloyd Traven says:

The famous Martin Viette Garden Center just closed Christmas Eve. One of the showplace garden centers anywhere.

There is some people that are leaving comments that see the glass as half empty, we see it as half full. Our store is 500 ft from a big box store, the big orange one. Last year I decided to go head to head with them, even though friends said not to do it. We decided to under cut them on the weekend after Mothers Day. We undercut them on one product that they sold allot of, PW Grande! We made a sign out of plywood that said ” They can undercut us on price,but never on plant knowledge” We had our best weekend besides Mothers Day!! We beat the big stores on knowledge and quality Our customer base grew by 40%, and our returning customers grew by 45%! There are so many ways to make a profit in this business, and it all starts with talking to your customers. I will look for the ones who are spending $100.00+ I offer them 15% off for 10 min of their time to ask them questions.
We had our wettest season on record here in Minnesota, but here at Minnesota Gardens our best year ever.