How To Merchandise Plants With Pantone’s 2017 Color Of The Year

How To Merchandise Plants With Pantone’s 2017 Color Of The Year

pantone-2017-color-of-the-year-greeneryWhen Pantone announced its 2017 Color of the Year was Greenery, many in the green industry rejoiced. The color selection is a tribute to the life-affirming qualities of plants, after all.

But retailers like to use the latest color trends in their merchandising displays. And plants may have a hard time competing with their own color applied to benches, signs, and backdrops.


So how can plant retailers take advantage of the latest Color of the Year?

Luckily for garden retailers, Pantone has created several color palettes to demonstrate how Greenery can work with different color pairings. Since plants already have Greenery covered, these color pairings can be used as a reference for years to come.

pantone-analogous-color-palette pantone-calm-it-down-color-palette pantone-deeply-rooted-color-palette pantone-ethereal-material-color-palette pantone-fathomless-color-palette pantone-forest-floor-color-palette pantone-grand-canyon-color-palette pantone-moody-blooms-color-palette pantone-rev-it-up-color-palette pantone-transitions-color-palette