Seven Steps to Improving Your Company’s Cybersecurity

Seven Steps to Improving Your Company’s Cybersecurity

CybersecurityYou may think that cybercriminals only hack into large companies. However, the opposite is true, as smaller companies are easier targets to invade.

According to Morgan Yonge of the Floriology Institute, the education center of Jacksonville, FL-based floral industry service provider BloomNet, the implementation of cybersecurity is one way to avoid this online catastrophe. Cybersecurity is an essential way to protect your computer systems against the theft or damage of hardware, software, or electronic data. It’s also a safety measure to avoid the interruption or misdirection of the services your business provides.


Yonge’s article highlights seven recommendations to improve the cybersecurity of your business, starting with knowing network security basics.

1. Knowledge is Power. The first step in protecting your network is to invest in cybersecurity training and education for your employees. Generally, system break ins occur because employees go online and don’t pay attention to what links are being clicked on or what information is given away. This allows cybercriminals to access the network faster and to steal your information.

2. Make sure it is LIT. The second measure to keep in mind is a Network Security Appliance (NSA) or firewall set up. This firewall controls all the data coming in and out of your network. Remember, there is nothing out there that can provide you with 100% security. However, NSA is the closest your business will get to being fully protected.

3. Take Precaution. The continuing use of antivirus and malware protection are the next step to improving cybersecurity in your business. This type of protection helps with scanning all the files your system and opens them for immediate protection. Make sure the software is updated frequently and take full advantage of the security’s effectiveness.

4. But First, Let’s Add a Filter. The use of web filtering tools is the fourth step toward improving your network’s cybersecurity. This tool tracks URL’s and other content to block unwanted access. It also denies permissions to users trying to access the misguided websites. All as a precaution for a safer network.

5. It’s a Two-Way Street. Two-factor verification should also be used to protect your network. Anybody that tries to access your computer network will need to confirm their identity with two different forms.

6. Your Password should not be P.A.S.S.W.O.R.D. The implementation of a password policy is the sixth step toward network security. Passwords are used as a way to better protect against unwanted guests. Understanding password creations, their protection and their frequency to change are necessary for computer safety.

7. Back It on Up. The practice of effective and regular backups may be the most important step toward improving the cybersecurity of your business. It’s a way to clean your system if a breach occurs without risking any important information or files.

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