Shinoda Foundation Contributes Nearly $15,000 In Scholarships And Grants

Shinoda Foundation Contributes Nearly $15,000 In Scholarships And Grants

The Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship FoundationFocused on encouraging horticulture’s continued growth, the Shinoda Foundation invests in the future through the awarding of its annual scholarships.

“By recognizing the best horticulture students in the nation, we’re paying it forward for the industry,” says Bob Otsuka, president of the foundation. “Anything we can do to help secure the industry’s future success is our privilege.”


Since 1965, the Shinoda Foundation has awarded more than $790,000 in scholarships to 660 students.

The scholarships annually recognize horticulture’s best and brightest, selecting recipients after a rigorous review of career goals, academics, work experience, extracurricular activities and need. This year the board of trustees awarded eight scholarships totaling $13,500, plus grants totaling $1,350 to the winners’ colleges and universities, for a grand total of $14,850.


2014-15 Shinoda Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Bay Boysen, Junior, $750, Iowa State University
Christina Hayward, Senior, $1,000, Texas A&M University
Joshua Henry, Senior, $2,000, The Ohio State University
Victoria Housewright, Senior, $1,500, University of Minnesota
Melinda Knuth, Junior, $750, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Amy Miller, Senior, $5,000, The Ohio State University
Kristin Potter, Senior, $1,000, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
James Rockwell, Senior, $1,500, Virginia Tech

About The Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation

The Shinoda Foundation was established in 1964 under the auspices of the California State Florists’ Association in memory of the late Joseph Shinoda, a highly regarded pioneer of that state’s floral industry. The foundation’s purpose is to encourage educational opportunities for young people interested in entering the industry. Incorporated as a separate entity in 1972, the foundation has awarded scholarships valued at more than $790,000 to more than 660 undergraduate floriculture students since 1965.

Information about applications for the Shinoda Foundation’s scholarships is sent each January to horticulture and floriculture departments at universities across the nation. Applications are available on the foundation’s website and accepted from January until March 30 each year.

Visit the Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation website for information about making contributions to the foundation or about its scholarship program, or write to: Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc., 962 Pecho St., Morro Bay, CA 93442, or Pat Broering at [email protected]

Source: Shinoda Memorial Foundation