Seeley Schedule Released With Speaker Slate

Seeley Schedule Released With Speaker Slate

The schedule and slate of speakers has been released for Cornell University’s 26th annual Seeley Conference. Full program information and online registration are available at:

This year’s Seeley conference will be held beginning Sunday June 26 with evening registration. The conference will end before noon on Wednesday, June 29. The theme is “Floriculture’s Biggest Challenge:  Creating MindShare Opportunities.”


The conference will focus on ways the floriculture industry can increase consumer recognition. The conference will begin by peering into the mind of today’s consumer, including their attitudes and buying behavior and what this means for our industry. It will continue with a thought-provoking summary of the power that plants have on our lives. Increasingly busy, many people fail to notice the plants that surround them. Katy Moss Warner will address plant blindness and ways to combat it. 

Day 2 of the conference will focus on how members of our industry are capturing consumer mindshare using a variety of strategies: social media, community involvement and reaching out to urban customers. Day 3 will conclude with “in-your-face horticulture” and off-the-wall marketing ideas.