State Of The Industry: Greenhouse Trends And Predictions

State Of The Industry: Greenhouse Trends And Predictions

State Of The Industry: Greenhouse Trends And Predictions



Is the greenhouse floriculture industry a healthy industry? Your answer likely depends, in part, on the health of your own business. Sales are up for a number of growers–or at least flat compared to 2009–and expectations are high as we enter a new year.

Still, whether you’re pleased with your past year’s sales or not, every business is but a drop in the bucket that is the greenhouse floriculture industry. Collectively, growers tend to agree the industry has work to do to achieve everyone’s ultimate goals: reaching more consumers and selling more plants.

Growers, of course, are big believers in the value of plants, as are the retailers they serve. So why, industry leaders continually wonder, can’t a grower’s passion carry over to consumers on a bigger scale? It’s a question to which growers have always been searching for answers. And when the answers are found, the possibilities, growers hope, are endless.

In the meantime, growers have their hands full dealing with a slew of other concerns: Can I maintain my existing customers and find new ones this year? Will the economy improve and free up consumer spending money? What impact will the new Congress have on my business?

We’ll address those questions and more in this State Of The Industry Report. Kicking off this year’s report is an update on Bell Nursery, the Gary Mangum-led operation that will have a new leader in Adam Stewart this year. In addition to looking into mega growers like Bell serving the box stores, we’ll dive into the independent sector for an analysis of its health.

Also within this report, Craig Regelbrugge of the American Nursery & Landscape Association and Charlie Hall of Texas A&M share their respective outlooks on the legislative and economic scenes. A number of growers and their input suppliers chime in over the next pages, as well, with their biggest industry concerns and suggestions to position greenhouse floriculture for a better future.