Village Nurseries Doubles Annual Sales In Texas

Village Nurseries Doubles Annual Sales In Texas

Village Nurseries, a specialty grower for landscape professionals, has announced that sales are rebounding, especially in Texas where 2010 sales doubled over 2009 even as other wholesale nurseries have gone out of business or reduced operations in the wake of the recent recession.

Village Nurseries penetrated the Texas market seven years ago as part of its expansion outside California. But unlike California, where the company sells directly to landscape professionals, Texas uses a different model in which professionals buy from independent rewholesalers. Village Nurseries works exclusively with rewholesalers in Texas rather than selling directly to the landscape professionals.


“Since I live in Texas I know the client base, and I’ve developed long relationships with the rewholesaler and the independent garden centers,” explains Michael A. Mireles, territory manager for Village Nurseries. “We have a diverse product line of high quality shrubs and trees, so rewholesalers can get all their needs met in one place. We also offer the ability to cross-dock material from different locations, which makes it easy to buy from us.”

“We have been fortunate that our conservative business approach has allowed us to ride out the current recession,” says David House, Village Nurseries CEO. “When other wholesale nurseries reduced size or went out of business, they left a large void that we have been able to fill. Also, the construction business — our bread and butter — is currently stronger in Texas than in the rest of the country. Thanks to our dynamic management team, we’re prepared to increase sales even more as the economy rebounds.”

Village Nurseries has forged an alliance with Monrovia to wholesale their proprietary and patented plants known for extremely high quality and unique diversity. And they have an agreement with Anthony Tesselaar USA, Inc., to sell their proprietary product lines including their Flower Carpet rose lines.

In addition, Village Nurseries is a pioneer in sustainable landscaping, which lowers maintenance and water bills, and helps fight soil erosion and chemical pollutants while improving air and water quality.

The company’s “Helping Our Local Communities Grow Green” program, a tree giveaway for local schools, is a unique method for eliminating older stock in their inventory while helping to beautify cash-strapped local schools.

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