The Most Popular Stories That You Keep Reading

The Most Popular Stories That You Keep Reading

Check out the all-time favorite articles that readers keep clicking on year after year.

1.10 Vegetable Crops You Should Consider
Here are some produce crop options you should check out if you’re considering adding vegetables to your mix.


2. Growing Calibrachoa Successfully
Each grower needs to experiment and decide what works best in his or her location.

3. How To Grow SunPatiens
As part of an innovative breeding project, Sakata Ornamentals created an impatiens plant with a vigorous root system that can thrive in full sun, partial shade and heat.

4. Potted Calla Lilies: Everything You Need To Know
Few growers know that some cultivars fit nicely into any program for bedding plants, upscale patio containers or specialty cut flowers.

5. Control Of Thrips With Systemic Insecticides
An understanding of both how thrips feed and how systemic insecticides work will go a long way toward effective control of these pests.