Global Institute Aims To Advance Floriculture

Global Institute Aims To Advance Floriculture

Monterey Peninsula Horticulture (MPH), which now controls Nurserymen’s Exchange, Rocket Farms and Growers Transplanting, a technology company focused on automated transplanting, is planning to introduce an institute for the advancement of floriculture worldwide.

The new organization, preliminarily called the Institute for Floriculture Innovation, is designed to bring the best minds together from multiple industries and academia, including horticulture, food and fashion and design to drive innovation throughout the indoor blooming potted arena.


During the next nine months, MPH CEO Charles Kosmont and his team will seek to attract participants from across the globe and at all levels.

“Our new company gives us a rare opportunity to do more in the industry than just combine our best talents and resources,” Kosmont says. “By establishing the Institute for Floriculture Innovation, we can create a common ground on which the industry can build for the future. Our intent is to work broadly to reach the best minds in our industry regardless of size.

MPH is aiming to be inclusive rather than exclusive. The institute is designed to overcome competitive factors in favor of stimulating new ideas that can increase demand and make floriculture as much a part of daily life as eating breakfast. Kosmont expects the new consortium should result in implementable ideas that revitalize floriculture.

“We believe we’re the right group to instigate this kind of consortium because of our broad resources in Europe, Asia, India, South America and the Middle East developed through decades of work,” he says. “Yes, we have a growing company. But it’s equally important that our entire industry grows. And the Institute for Floriculture Innovation is designed to meet that need.”

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