Turning The Millennial Generation Into Gardeners

Turning The Millennial Generation Into Gardeners

One in three members of the Millenial Generation, the group falling between the ages of 17 and 34, has a tattoo. They’re into self-expression, community and the environment. They don’t want to make a bad spending decision. So how can we reach that next generation and make gardeners out of them? Joe Lamp’l, host of Growing A Greener World TV show and keynote speaker at OFA Short Course, shared some thoughts on how to connect with this group.

Offer products that fit their lifestyles. If they live in small apartments or condos, come up with products that fit that those spaces—front door stoops or balconies.


Offer an array of products for personalization. People buy differences, not similarities.

Show you’re of the same mindset. Engage in community initiatives and adopt their sense of community. Take part in their initiatives and projects.

How can breeders and growers achieve these goals? Lamp’l suggests the following:


  • Develop compact varieties
  • Watch color trends
  • Provide expertise to growers and retailers
  • Share your breeding story. Millenials love a good story. Plants take on a whole new meaning when you know where they come from.


  • Interact with consumers at retail to learn about their needs and preferences
  • Provide real-time crop images for Retailers’ Facebook pages and Twitter accounts
  • Develop your own Twitter and Facebok pages
  • Host DIY weekend workshops
  • Create mobile websites and blogs
  • Google yourself. See what people are saying about you.