6 New Fertilizer Products For Healthy Plants

6 New Fertilizer Products For Healthy Plants

CompanionThese six products add even more options for delivering nutrients to the root zone.

2-3-2 Companion Liquid Biological Fungicide (Growth Products)


Companion Biological Fungicide is used for broad spectrum disease prevention, control and suppression. This fungicide also encourages plant growth, produces better rooting, branching and flowering on plants and is EPA-approved. GrowthProducts.com


Nutricote 14-4-14 (Florikan)

Nutricote 14-4-14 provides a continuous slow release of nutrients throughout the crop cycle. This particular formula offers a balanced nitrogen to potassium ratio, lower phosphorus to help reduce plant stretch and added levels of iron. It has a longevity of 100 days. Florikan.com

NaturesSource-PlantProbiotic-packaging_BallDPFLLCPlant Probiotic (Nature’s Source)

Plant Probiotic aids in nutrient breakdown, availability and absorption. Comprised of live beneficial microorganisms, this soil amendment also stimulates root development, encourages nutrient uptake, reduces plant stress and improves crop growth media. NaturesSourcePlantFood.com


Neptunes Harvest_Rose FlowerRose & Flower And Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizers (Neptune’s Harvest)

These two fertilizer formulas will debut in 2015. These products provide plants with micronutrients in addition to NPK. To apply, mix 1 ounce of fertilizer per gallon of water and feed plants weekly. Neptunesharvest.com


4-4-4+10%Biochar (Suståne)

4-4-4+10%Biochar combines NPK with biochar, a stable carbon form produced from a process called pyrolysis. When NPK and biochar come together in a homogenous granule, growers can expect improved whole-plant nutrient uptake efficiency, which allows them to use less fertilizer on the same-sized plants. Sustane.com


Plantex 7-11-27 - 10590Plantex 7-11-27 Hydroponic (Master Plant-Prod, Inc.)

Plantex 7-11-27 Hydroponic has been designed for use in conjunction with calcium nitrate to supply nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, minor elements, calcium and magnesium at appropriate levels for hydroponic culture. It includes iron chelated with DTPA for better availability. PlantProd.com