Are Biocontrols Compatible With Insecticides And Fungicides?

Are Biocontrols Compatible With Insecticides And Fungicides?

As an article from the Ontario Ministry of Food And Agriculture states, “The Holy Grail for an IPM Manager: a pesticide that controls all pests and is completely compatible with all biocontrol agents (BCAs).¬†Obviously, it’s not going to happen.”

Some products can be used with biocontrols and some can’t. Biocontrol suppliers have shared the following links to help you make the right choices for using traditional controls in conjunction with biocontrols.


Syngenta’s Integrated Crop Guide
To learn about how Syngenta products can be used along with biological control agents, download this free integrated crop management guide.

Koppert Side Effects Guide
Detailed information about the compatibility of pesticides with most beneficials and the persistence of a possible harmful effect.

BioWorks NemaShield Compatibility Chart

BioWorks RootShield Compatibility Chart

BioWorks CEASE Compatibility Chart

Becker Underwood Compatibility Chart
For the company’s beneficial nematode products

Biobest Side Effects Manual
The Biobest side effects manual incorporates results from the Biobest Green Lab’s extensive compatibility studies, as well as published data and new legislative regulations. This list is based on all crop protection products available on the market.

Biobest Side Effects App For iPhone

Biobest Side Effects App For Android