Growth Products Launches New Catalog Of Horticulture Biological Products

Growth Products Launches New Catalog Of Horticulture Biological Products

growth-products-catalogGrowth Products, Ltd., a White Plains, NY-based supplier of environmentally friendly bioinnovations, technically advanced liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, and biological control products, has published a new comprehensive Agriculture/Horticulture products catalog. The full-color resource guide provides detailed product descriptions and rate charts for all of the company’s products and programs, guiding growers through product choices and application rates.

With more than 40 high-quality formulations of fertilizers, micronutrients, biological fungicides, and organics, Growth Products continues to expand its product line, offering premium quality products for a multitude of crop and production needs.


The catalog features a product quick reference guide, making finding the right product easy, highlighting NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) values as well as key micronutrients and other special ingredients. An organic spotlight is also included, outlining organic product offerings and certifications. A new and improved products section focuses on seven new products to the Growth Products line, manufactured to address specific agronomic and horticultural issues.
• Companion Biological Fungicide Wettable Power, an Organic Materials Review Institute-listed broad spectrum fungicide for the prevention, control, and suppression of soil borne and foliar diseases
• MicroTech Bloom 5-0-0, with Bio-Organics, and sugar chelated calcium, magnesium, boron (B), and molybdenum for bud induction
• HoldFast 1-0-1, a unique combination of plant extracts and an osmoprotectant to stimulate a plant’s reproductive system and maintain enzyme activity
• Nitro-26 B with 85% SRN, controlled release N with 0.5% B, an essential element for many crops
• OsmoTech & Micros Plus OsmoTech, a powerful osmoprotectant for enhanced permeability and nutrient absorption, also available with seven sugar chelated micronutrients
• Triple 12+ with SRN and SA, with a total of 36% N-P-K nutrients including 100% soluble salicylic acid in a clear liquid solution
• Bluetrition 10-5-5, focused nutrition for bush and soft berry production.

“We have always been determined to stay one step ahead of the needs of the industry, while continuing to create the highest quality products and provide the absolute best service to our valued clients,” says Clare Reinbergen, President of Growth Products.

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