How To Choose A Good Rotation For Chemical Storage

How To Choose A Good Rotation For Chemical Storage

Syngenta 'Picobella Cascade'

Take control of your chemical inventory. It is very important to closely monitor inventory of your plant protection products so you can have access when you need them most.


Carefully plan the materials you may need in your chemical storage for the next growing season. A good inventory includes products that have efficacy over a broad range of pests and diseases. It’s also useful to include materials that are host- and/or lifecycle-specific.

Proper planning and rotational applications are necessary to maintain effective efficacy of plant protection products. Rotation of pest materials means using products with different modes of action (MOAs). Current product labels have resistance management instructions and should be carefully followed in regard to the number of consecutive applications before rotating to a material with a different MOA. A good chemical storage inventory should have materials from three or four different MOA groups with proven performance on common pests and diseases. Most labels include a number designation for the MOA of that product.

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