Insect And Disease ID And Diagnosis Guide

Insect And Disease ID And Diagnosis Guide

Insect & Disease ID And Diagnosis Guide: Blotches

Detecting the presence of a pest or disease problem is the easy part of floriculture crop protection. Knowing the exact problem is the real challenge, not to mention being critically important for enabling you to apply the appropriate control measures. Otherwise, you risk wasting pesticides or releasing them unnecessarily into the environment.


Fortunately, diagnosing plant problems is a learnable skill that gets easier with experience. Making a proper diagnosis may require the help of a university or private laboratory, but growers can often combine their background knowledge with careful observations to make a good working diagnosis.

Click the links below to see images of the following plant problems:


Stem Lesions

Rusts and Mildew


Rings Spots and Dots


Notches and Holes




Deformities and Stunted Growth