New Biocontrols Provide Effective Pest Control In Greenhouses

New Biocontrols Provide Effective Pest Control In Greenhouses

Nematodes-featureEditor’s Note: Some of the product information below comes from Mark Trimmer, Managing Partner at DunhamTrimmer, a market research company that focuses on the global biological agricultural market, who presented it at the 2016 Biocontrols Conference.

Biological Defense Systems


Biological Defense Systems (BDS) is a system in which multiple nematode species are reared in-house and applied fresh at the peak of infectivity. BDS provides a kit for growers to easily produce their own entomopathic nematodes in high quantities. Growers rear the nematodes inside live hosts (as nature intended), versus receiving millions of dehydrated and dormant nematodes that have been raised in synthetic media. Growers have the option to produce up to four species of nematodes that can combat fungus gnat larvae, shore fly, and thrips. The multiple species option also gives a wider temperature range in which the nematode species can be applied. Recipes are custom to each grower’s need.

BioSafe Systems

Bioceres WP is an insect-pathogenic bio-insecticide using the Beauveria bassiana fungus. The product sticks to insects’ cuticle (outer shell). The resulting infection causes death. Bioceres WP can be used for biological control of whiteflies, aphids, and thrips in greenhouse crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, and ornamental plants.
It has no phytotoxicity, no pest resistance, and is compatible with certain other insecticides and auxiliary products.


BotryStop (Ulocladium oudemansii strain U3) is a new microbial fungicide that is highly active against gray mold and Sclerotinia rot. It is listed by the OMRI and can be used on a variety of ornamentals.

Certis USA

Sil-Matrix, a highly soluble form of potassium silicate, is a fungicide, miticide, and insecticide. Once Sil-Matrix is applied to plant foliage as a preventative spray, silicon is taken into the plant’s cuticle and forms a silicon matrix, creating a physical barrier of protection from insects and diseases. Sil-Matrix is OMRI-listed and NOP-approved.
Carb-O-Nator is a contact fungicide that controls foliar diseases on a wide variety of crops and ornamentals. Its formulation, which includes the natural potassium bicarbonate compound, poses no significant risks to human health or the environment. Carb-O-Nator is NOP approved.
Des-X insecticidal soap concentrate is a bioinsecticide contact killer that controls both insect and mite pests in the greenhouse. It contains specially selected fatty acid salts (soaps) that penetrate the body of pests and results in rapid death. DES-X kills pests by disrupting membrane and cellular function. Des-X is OMRI-listed and NOP-approved.

Growth Products

Companion Liquid Biological Fungicide and Companion WP are available for organic crop production. Companion is now available in a wettable powder that contains beneficial Bacillus subtilis GB03, a naturally occurring soil bacteria that colonizes and lives on plant roots and root hairs. Companion combines four modes of action to suppress diseases. It activates the plant’s natural defenses, Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR), allowing the plant’s immune system to ward off disease and reduce its susceptibility to pathogen attack.

TetracurbKemin Industries

TetraCURB Concentrate is a 50% active botanical miticide for the control of two-spotted spider mites. Formulated with both an essential oil from Kemin’s proprietary clonal rosemary line and surfactants, it offers multiple modes of action and provides more uniform spreading on plant surfaces, maximizing product efficiency and minimizing phytotoxicity. The product has a zero-day REI.

Koppert Biological Systems

Cryptobug L is a beneficial predator used for the eradication of mealybugs. Koppert offers a novel form of this biocontrol with significantly improved results — the larvae stay where they are applied and aggressively consume more species than adults alone.

G catenulatum

G. catenulatum


The active substance of Lallemand’s Prestop, Gliocladium catenulatum fungal strain J1446, has antagonistic effects against many fungal pathogens. It is able to control diseases in both soil/growing media and in foliage. G. catenulatum mainly acts preventively, although in special cases, it can stop the development of existing disease lesions, if the treatment is given immediately after noticing the symptoms. Due to the several modes of action of Gliocladium, there is no risk for resistant pathogen strains — not even after frequent use.


Triathlon BA is a broad spectrum preventative biofungicide for control of a wide variety of fungal and bacterial diseases on ornamentals, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices grown in greenhouses, nurseries, and shadehouses. Triathlon BA is approved for organic production. It is packaged in gallon containers, and has a four-hour REI and a zero-day PHI.
Triact 70, a clarified hydrophobic extract of Neem oil, is a broad-spectrum fungicide, miticide, and insecticide. It may be used indoors and outdoors on plants, trees, shrubs, foliage, vegetables, and herbs. It has a four-hour REI and a zero-day PHI.


Spear-T bioinsecticide offers control of thrips and whiteflies in vegetables and ornamentals in the greenhouse. It is a highly selective peptide with a four-hour REI and a zero-day PHI. Two novel modes of action make
it a rotational choice for insect resistance management programs.