New Mode Of Action From BASF Offers Deeper Disease Control

BASF Orkestra Intrinsic

The active ingredient Xemium allows the Orkestra Intrinsic product to rapidly adapt to overcome membrane barriers on its way to the succinate-dehydrogenase target.

The unofficial award for the newest fungicide product to the market, launching at Cultivate’16, goes to Orkestra Intrinsic from BASF. The latest addition to BASF’s Intrinsic line of fungicides contains two classes of chemistry: pyraclostrobin and the BASF-patented Xemium.


Here’s how they work together:
• Pyraclostrobin inhibits quinone, which causes a fungus to no longer perform mitochondrial respiration and produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), thereby starving the pathogen of energy and killing the fungus. This active ingredient is translaminar and locally systemic. It doesn’t move in the plant via xylem or phloem.
• Xemium inhibits an important enzyme in the mitochondrial respiratory chain (succinate-dehydrogenase). This reduces ATP in cells, resulting in fungal cell starvation and death. The active ingredient is transported from the base to the apex — traveling with water through the xylem, up and out to the leaf tips — provides systematic protection from fungal pathogens.

Combining the two active ingredients and their dual modes of action gives the product fungal selectivity and broad-spectrum activity. If you think about it in football terms, while the pyraclostrobin lets the product run to the right, the Xemium enables it to cut back and move left, and then pivot right again, as it dodges numerous lyphophylic and hydrophilic membrane barriers on its way to the end zone (disease pathogen).

Product Offers Broad Control And More Rotation Options

BASF provided research presentations showing the broad spectrum of control Orkestra Intrinsic provides, including: Anthracnose, crown and basal rot, downy mildew, flower and petal blight, leaf spot, Phytophthora aerial blight, powdery mildew, rot, blight; rust, scab, stem or twig blights and dieback, and various soilborne diseases.

Learn more about Orkestra Intrinsic fungicide’s modes of action and the extensive family of BASF products at

BASF Remains Committed To The Ornamentals Market

In a presentation during the BASF Innovation Summit, serving to introduce Orkestra Intrinsic fungicide to select growers, Extension personnel, and trade media, before its official launch this month, Jonathan Sweat, BASF Director of Professional and Specialty Solutions, assured the group that BASF is committed to agriculture and specifically, the ornamentals market. Also the incoming chair of RISE, Sweat says despite all of the consolidaion occurring among crop protection companies of late, the ornamentals market, which is poised for 4% to 5% growth in the near future, is a stable space for an innovation company like BASF. He says with the many challenges facing agriculture over the next few years, like exponential world population growth, marketing to Millennials, and increased demand for and use of more environmentally friendly crop protection solutions, the company is dedicated to helping find solutions.