New Soil Amendment From Kemin Promotes More Efficient Nutrient Uptake and Plant Growth

lucas-greenhouses-plant-roots-growing-mixKemin Crop Technologies, an initiative of Kemin Industries focused on providing solutions for commercial horticulture, recently launched Valena, a soil amendment sourced from a proprietary strain of Euglena gracilis (algae) rich in beta-glucan. Valena is designed to support the growth of healthy and strong plants. The new product was unveiled at the Biocontrols USA West Conference & Expo in San Diego, CA.

“Valena is the first product in our Crop Health platform,” says Marsha Bro, General Manager for Kemin Crop Technologies. “As a new supplier in the horticulture industry, we want to offer unique and innovative solutions for growers.”


Valena consists of more than 50% beta-glucans and more than 20% protein and other essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Beta-glucans can be found in many sources, but the unique and highly pure form of 1,3 beta-glucan from Euglena is the only one of its kind.

By adding Valena in the growing environment, the plant, perceiving it as a pathological encounter acting as pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs)1-3, responds to counteract a potential threat. This results in more efficient nutrient uptake and robust growth than the plant does naturally on its own.

“This is a new and exciting product that can help growers give their soil and subsequent crops an added advantage,” says Emily Fuerst, R&D Director at Kemin. “In Kemin greenhouse trials, we have seen significant improvement in crops for select spring annual plants, as well as vegetables. Future studies are in progress to determine how Valena can assist during environmental stresses and impact crop shelf life, as well as its overall quality characteristics.”

Valena is available in the U.S. through Kemin Sales Managers.