OASIS Grower Solutions Introduces New One-Bag Hydroponic Fertilizer

OASIS Grower Solutions Introduces New One-Bag Hydroponic Fertilizer

FertilizerBagThe new 16-4-17 Hydroponic Fertilizer from OASIS Grower Solutions (OGS) is a one-bag solution that replaces two-part systems traditionally used by commercial hydroponic growers. It is specifically formulated for commercial hydroponic production of lettuce, herbs and vegetables.

“The two-part fertilizer system is outdated, says Vijay Rapaka, grower research manager at OGS. “In talking with growers, we learned it is overly complicated. Not only does it add to the amount of inventory a grower must carry, but more importantly, it increases the chance of costly mixing errors, especially when employing temporary help,” says Rapaka.


The formulation of OASIS 16-4-17 Hydroponic Fertilizer is 100-percent water soluble and its micronutrient package is buffered and includes an essential blend of iron chelates from EDTA, EDDHA and DPTA, all of which makes the plant’s uptake of critical nutrients even easier. This helps enhance root and shoot growth, as well as crop uniformity. This is especially true when the product is used on day zero, where critical nutrients are available at the exact moment plants are ready for the uptake.

“In tests, we’ve seen that our 16-4-17 fertilizer increases top growth by as much as 200 percent when used on day zero, as opposed to the traditional usage on day three or later after seeding, says Dr. Rapaka. “The increase in fresh weight is rather remarkable, as well.”

To learn more about what OASIS 16-4-17 Hydroponic Fertilizer can do for your hydroponic operation, visit Horticubesxl.com/fertilizer.