OHP Launches Fulcrum Insect Growth Regulator

OHP Launches Fulcrum Insect Growth Regulator

fulcrum- ohpOHP announced the addition of Fulcrum Insect Growth Regulator (IGR)  to its portfolio of pest, disease, PGR and weed control offerings. Fulcrum is now available through authorized OHP distributors.

With its active ingredient pyriproxyfen, Fulcrum controls a number of troublesome pests on ornamentals, shrubs, foliage plants and flowering plants. Users will note that Fulcrum is especially effective against whiteflies, fungus gnats and shoreflies, three pests that are difficult to control.


Fulcrum, a member of mode of action (MOA) group 7C, joins OHP’s stable of IGRs that includes Azatin O (MOA unknown), Adept and Dimilin (both MOA 15) and Pedestal (MOA 15).

For maximum effectiveness, users should apply Fulcrum as part of an overall IPM program and rotate with products from a different mode of action.

Fulcrum is both a contact and ingestion insecticide with translaminar activity. While it does not control adults, Fulcrum negatively affects development of viable eggs.

Rates range from 2 to 12 fl. oz. per 100 gallons of water, depending on the target pest. Fulcrum may be sprayed or drenched and carries a 12-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI). Fulcrum is packaged in one quart (32 fl. oz.) containers with four to a case.

For specimen labels, MSDS, product information and current state registrations on Fulcrum, visit OHP’s website.

For more information, contact your local distributor sales person or your OHP regional sales manager.

Source: OHP