What Is Your Crop Protection IQ?

What Is Your Crop Protection IQ?

The MeisterPro Crop Protection Handbook gives growers the advantage of new technology and answers to common crop protection questions.

To say that crop protection practices are in a state of rapid transformation is no exaggeration. How do you keep up with it all?


The 2013 edition of the MeisterPro CROP PROTECTION HANDBOOK, published by Meister Media Worldwide, is a compendium of more than 20,000 product names and descriptions and more. It also keeps you up to date on new technologies in biocontrols, seed coatings, premixes, plant stress management, reduced risk and organics.

And in the HANDBOOK’s “emerging technologies” section you’ll find products that are further categorized a to more clearly define the exciting new technologies that will be available for the 2013 season.

There’s More…The new 201

3 edition, due for publication in mid-January 2013, puts you on the cutting edge of crop protection with answers to questions about efficacy and environmental effects and how varied modes of action among new technologies can overcome pest problems. Put yourself in a position to better understand the complexities of crop protection products and manage their use.

The 2013 Edition is a particularly strong package with information on the emerging technologies which, put together with crop systems, are overcoming the weaknesses of present day practices.

The HANDBOOK is portable, fast (it can be faster than an internet search) and contains the most reliable, unbiased, science-based information you can find.
And in the 2013 edition you’ll find detailed information on 12 new active ingredients and more than 300 new product names.  The many different trade names and formulations for the same active ingredients will be at your fingertips. You’ll even find out mode of action, LD50 and water solubility and be able to compare newer products with older ones.

For anyone who uses, formulates or researches crop protection products, the HANDBOOK is the key to staying on top of a rapidly changing and increasingly complicated and beneficial science that affects our food production and security.
Make sure your crop protection IQ is ahead of the competition, and you are able to make the best decisions on the use of these important products. Putting the 2013 HANDBOOK on your desk, next to your checkout or in your pickup is proof that you have done due diligence and will have the answers to questions that inevitably crop up during the year.

In this day and age when the buck stops with you, that’s just good business.

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Pre-order the 2013 MeisterPro CROP PROTECTION HANDBOOK now and save 20 percent off the cover price. To order, call 800-572-7740 ext. 168 or go to CropProtectionHandbook.com.