What’s New In PGRs

Collate logo from FineCollate
from Fine Americas

Collate Plant Growth Regulator offers all the proven benefits of ethephon in a concentrated liquid formulation and contains 2 pounds of active ingredient per gallon. It can be used to increase lateral branching, delay flowering and inhibit internode elongation in a wide range of ornamental crops, including azaleas, chrysanthemums, geraniums, lantana, petunias and verbena. In addition, it controls plant height and stem-topple in daffodils and hyacinth.


VERVE from Nufarm AmericasVerve

from Nufarm Americas

Verve plant growth regulator has a wide range of applications to enhance plant quality and appearance. Its active ingredient, ethephon, can help shorten and strengthen stems, induce flowering, suppress fruit production on ornamental trees and seedhead formation in grasses, control parasites such as mistletoe and promote leaf drop to allow more timely digging of nursery stock.

Rick Fletcher, technical service manager for Nufarm, points out that the product label for Verve is unique in that it allows use across the entire range of greenhouse, container-grown, field-grown, and landscape turf and ornamentals.

Augeo from OHPAugeo
from OHP

OHP research on its newest plant growth regulator, Augeo, has shown it can be used to develop more branches on plants. The result is a thicker, fuller plant, which often has an increased flower count. Crops such as lantana, fuchsia, petunia, calibrachoa and verbena have responded very well.

Recent Augeo research has shown good results on poinsettias. Growers can produce a quality “no-pinch” poinsettia for the mass market with Augeo. Varieties such as ‘Prestige Red’ and ‘Prima Red’ have responded well. Applications are made sevendays after transplant.

There will be label changes for Augeo in late 2013 to reflect recent testing and advances.

Topflor Granular from SePROTopflor Granular

from SePRO

Topflor Granular, the first granular ornamental plant growth regulator, is applied as a topical application to container-grown ornamental and nursery crops. There has also been interest in its use for hanging baskets. Hanging baskets need to be lowered to bench or ground level to be sprayed. Some trials have been conducted to determine if Topflor Granular can be applied at hanging to eliminate the laborious process of unhanging and hanging baskets.