Danziger Adds More Rooted Cutting Station Partners

Danziger Adds More Rooted Cutting Station Partners

danziger cutting station varietyDanziger is once again expanding its North American Rooted Cutting Station network. The company recently added three more companies to its partnership. Devan Greenhouses, Ltd., Wenke/Sunbelt Young Plants Division, and Plantpeddler will now offer growers a uniform list of Danziger’s best-selling items in high-quality liners.

These three companies join Green Circle Growers, Mast Young Plants, Hardystarts by Welby, and TGS – Total Growth Solutions in the partnership.


“All of these partners were chosen because of their commitment to quality customer service,” says Mike Fernandez, North American Bedding Market Manager. “We recognize that our customers are looking for a way to source our products as rooted cuttings. We have hand-picked the must-have varieties and the best partners to deliver them. These partners streamline the process and make it easier for growers to access our top plants.”

All seven partners are accepting rooted cuttings orders for the 2018-2019 growing season now through the usual channels.

Danziger says it is committed to helping customers along the entire value chain achieve success. The company’s product innovation is powered by one of the largest research and development departments in the industry. The team of more than 100 scientists, researchers, and professional breeders is based in Israel. Danziger’s state-of-the art production site in Guatemala works under strict protocols to ensure the best-quality plant material is available to the North American market.