California Growers Have a New Disease Control Tool

BASF Orkestra IntrinsicBASF recently announced that its Orkestra Intrinsic fungicide is now registered for use in California. Orkestra Intrinsic provides fast, long-acting control of foliar and soil-borne diseases in nursery and greenhouse operations.

Two modes of action in Orkestra Intrinsic work in concert to control key diseases, including leaf spots, powdery mildew, rust, and anthracnose. Used mid-production, this new fungicide provides disease control and plant health benefits, including stronger roots and enhanced plant resilience to stressors like cold, heat, drought, and shipping. The result is healthier, more consistent, high-quality plants.


“Orkestra Intrinsic is well suited for nursery operations where growing cycles are typically longer,” says Takisha Truss, Marketing Manager for BASF Turf and Ornamentals. “It is rainfast even under the wettest conditions, and with translaminar and systemic activity, it maximizes distribution within treated plants for optimal disease control.”