Monrovia, Ferti-lome Partner On Co-Branded IGC Products

Monrovia, Ferti-lome Partner On Co-Branded IGC Products

Monrovia and VPG, which is the provider of Ferti-lome, have partnered to introduce a line of co-branded garden and plant health products to be sold exclusively at independent garden centers, hardware stores and farm and ranch stores.

“We are impressed by Ferti-lome’s reputation for producing high-quality fertilizers, soil amendments and plant health products,” says Elin Dowd, Monrovia president. “Like us, they have had a longstanding commitment to the independent retailers. Each of us is highly committed to the long-term success of our customers and we believe cross marketing our complementary products will benefit all involved.”


Through this partnership, Monrovia will incorporate select Ferti-lome products into its growing practices, as well as launch new products for home use. The collaboration is designed to enhance the independent gardener’s lateral marketing efforts to the end consumer.

“The new co-branded plants and related gardening products will provide consumers with a complete solution for a successful gardening experience,” says Wade Bowman, president of VPG.

According to Dowd, Monrovia intends to develop and introduce new co-branded gardening products and plant lines, eventually partnering with other growers. Joint sales and marketing efforts will begin this spring.