New Fertilizer Injector Cart Provides Full Aeration And Agitation

dramm-ferticartDramm recently introduced its new 50-gallon Ferticart, a durable fertilizer stock solution cart and tank with on-board agitation. An AC-powered pump provides up to 5 gallons per minute of agitation and uses Dramm’s unique agitation bar to keep chemicals in solution.

The FC50-A-DT includes air injection to aerate the tank. The system maintains saturation levels of dissolved oxygen and can help keep nematodes viable during application.


This model of the Ferticart is designed for use with the Dosatron D8 Range injector with a maximum flow rate of 40 gallons per minute. The unit comes complete with all plumbing, including a 200-mesh filter, a check valve, and unions for easy assembly.

Made for use with fungicides, plant growth regulators, and other chemicals, the Ferticart keeps them in suspension with 4-gallon-per-minute recirculation. With a flip of a switch, air is injected into the recirculation stream to provide oxygen to the tank.

FC50-A Ferticart Specifications

• 50-gallon capacity
• Drain valve for easy clean out
• Kits to fit most injectors available
• Vinyl coated steel frame
• Rubberized wheels and casters
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 50 inches x 27 inches x 50 inches

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