The New-Look

The New-Look

Growth Products, a provider of liquid fertilizers, biological fungicides, natural organics and chelated micronutrients, recently launched its redesigned website at

The site offers more than 100 pages of searchable information of interest to green industry professionals. The updated site remains a vital reference for golf course superintendents, turf managers, agriculturalists, horticulturalists, and arbor care professionals who are interested in sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions.


The website includes intriguing grower profiles that highlight real-life professionals and the issues they encounter, as well as detailed information on the company’s wide line of products, ranging from its 100 percent organic Essential Plus to its fully chelated micronutrients.

In addition to industry research reports and a product catalog, the website presents proven solutions for correcting and preventing chlorosis, improving seed germination, increasing root development, increasing crop yield and reducing plant stress.