How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for a Polar Vortex

How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for a Polar Vortex

Snow Damage-feature polar vortexThe Great Polar Vortex of 2019 brought extreme sub-zero temperatures to the Midwest and Eastern U.S. last month. Extreme temperatures ranging from -2°F were recorded in Washington, DC, to -51°F in Cotton, MN.

During the winter, even in sub-zero temperature situations, most greenhouse operators strive to maintain temperature set points between 60 °F to 72°F to ensure crop growth and development.


To help growers minimize crop delays and mitigate heat loss, while preventing potential chilling injury or freezing damage to crops, Michigan State University’s Roberto Lopez and W. Garrett Owen have posted an update on that offers tips and techniques that greenhouse owners and operators should consider. The tips include advice on insulation, inspections, building cold barriers, and more.

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