International Horticultural Technologies Introduces Gro-Tiles

International Horticultural Technologies Introduces Gro-Tiles

First released in early 2011, the newly improved Gro-Tiles from International Horticultural Technologies help everyone from the do-it-yourself gardening enthusiast to commercial growers and professional landscape architects create green roofs, living walls and vertical gardening displays.

Rooted in a stabilized soil-less growing media, Gro-Tiles are no-mess, easy-to-use-and-maintain and water-retaining.


Gro-Tiles can be used anywhere from low-moisture, drought-tolerant succulent mixes to lush shade gardens. The tiles also work to help indoor house plants thrive. The strategic layering of materials is designed to ensure long-term durability and qualifies for LEED credits in commercial applications.

International Horticulture Technologies has also teamed up with Plantasy, a fresh, blossoming design company. This partnership helps customers create a unique plant presentation that is sure to impress.