News From Florida’s Peat Producers

News From Florida’s Peat Producers

Canadian peat giant Sun Gro Horticulture has purchased Grow Best Holdings in Orlando, Fla., which owns Potting Soils Inc. and Sunshine Peat Inc. In separate news, C&C Peat Co. of Clermont, Fla., is operating a brand new facility.

Based in Vancouver, Sun Gro Horticulture Income Fund paid $22.4 million in cash and trust units for Grow Best Holdings, the company’s fourth acquisition this year. Sun Gro is North America’s largest producer of sphagnum peat and the biggest distributor of peat moss and bark-based growing media. Earlier acquisitions include Sun-Up Horticulture and Kellogg-Rich Grow in California and Quebec peat moss producer Tourbiere Omer Belanger.


Mitch Weaver, CEO of Sun Gro Horticulture Canada told the Toronto Star the acquisition will solidify Sun Gro’s leadership in the large and growing Florida horticultural market, as well as it’s position in the Southeastern United States. “With our acquisitions in California earlier this year, we will now have manufacturing facilities in each of the four largest professional markets in the U.S.”

Florida Potting Soils sells bulk bark growing mixes to nurseries in Florida and neighboring states and produces sand and peat-based blends for golf courses. Sunshine Peat harvests a central Florida bog. Sun Gro now has 14 Canadian peat and peat-mixing plants and 13 U.S. peat and bark-mixing plants.

Also in Florida, C&C Peat Co. has a new 20-acre site at County Road 470 and the Florida Turnpike. At this location, C&C Peat will continue to create unique soil mixes. What sets this new facility apart is that part of the land is being used for organic composting and other renewable solutions for potting media. C&C continues to remain independent and was not purchased by Sun Gro.

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